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links for 2010-10-08

  • In the end, our bubble economy will not just deflate, it will burst. The dollar will collapse, consumer prices will skyrocket, real credit will completely evaporate, millions more will lose their jobs, and our economy will change in ways few of us can imagine. Our standard of living will plummet and legions of middle- and upper-class Americans will be impoverished. It is not a pretty picture, but unfortunately, it’s the one our government is painting. Unfortunately, we are running out of time to change artists.
  • Dr. William Petit has "regretfully decided" against testifying because he said Connecticut's law on victim impact statements is unclear and could provide convicts with grounds to appeal their sentences.
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  • I see two problems with the corporate world. First, corporations are being allowed to break the law. Why? Because politicians depend on corporations for their financing. Second, I don't like the idea of limited liability. You can't put a corporation in jail, and if you sue a corporation, the people responsible for wrongdoing can simply fold it up and start a new one. Now, having said that, Rushkoff's examples are nonsense. "If everybody got cancer tomorrow it would be good for the economy?" This is just another manifestation of the broken window fallacy. Money that is spent on medical care (or broken windows) is money that would have been spent on other things. There is no new productivity created when bad things happen.
  • The president of the Philly Fed recently said that QE2 would not "have much impact on the near-term outlook for employment," and could "hurt the Fed's credibility."
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  • Every so often, I like to go back and hit the basics. Here’s a quick overview of things you can do to make your computer safer. No computer on the Internet can be 100 percent safe, but following these guidelines will protect you from the majority of threats.

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