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Cute girls liveblogging at the DNC

I really should be sleeping. Instead I’m up late adding dubious celebrities to my Twitter account.

There are some incredibly smart and funny projects happening at the DNC this year, and the best stuff is actually on Twitter. I’m a fan of anamariecox of course, but the best writing so far is actually from Slate magazine.

For any newspaper people who can still stand to read me, this is how you liveblog a political event. Slate basically turned their writers loose and let them be funny.

The Twitter stuff brings a wonderful sense of fun and immediacy to the process. I mean, where else can you get video of Ana Marie Cox and Rachel Sklar making cupcakes that resemble major figures in the Democratic Party?

Notice in this video, Rachel actually says, “Happy days are here again!” completely without irony, as she sprinkles confetti on a cupcake.

Do you think the Fox News people will film themselves eating cupcakes at McCain’s convention? And while I’m up late asking difficult questions, why don’t my Senior Contributing Editors look like this?

Maybe the answer will come to me in a dream.

DISCLAIMER: And yes, before anyone points it out, I realize I have just referred to some of the finest political journalists of my generation as “cute girls.” Please understand, this language is not intended as an insult or as any kind of disrespect. Our market research has shown that I will get 30 percent more hits on this post if I use language like this. The ladies in question are all familiar with hardcore blog sweatshops, so even if they don’t condone my language, I’m sure they will understand it.

And for those 30 percent of you who would not have clicked on this post if I had used the words “Eminent female journalists,” please take a moment and feel ashamed of yourselves.

Written by Michael B. Duff

August 28, 2008 at 03:40

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