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I need bloggers

Lubbock Online is about to expand its blogging roster and I need some good candidates. I’m open to pitches of any kind but here’s what I really need:

Political blogs: Not just right and left, but if you’re passionate about environmentalism or privacy rights, we could build a blog around that issue. Note that we already have a strong pair of political bloggers and that our standards for this one will be pretty high. The blogger who tries to take this on needs to be smart and prolific, willing to link to good sources and handle commenters with some level of grace.

Tech students: We really need to engage the Tech community and start writing about things that students care about. I’d love to see a blog about the daily life of an art student or med student — someone involved in Greek life or involved in student government.

Photo blogs: We have a great platform to host photos and I want to make the most of it. I’d love to showcase the work of a young artist specializing in the visual arts. Show us the progression of your own work and highlight great pieces from your friends. Show us your process and let us learn with you as you go.

Entertainment blogs: We need to find someone who’s plugged in to Lubbock’s live music scene; clubs and nightlife, concerts and special events. I’d also consider a TV or soap opera blog, or even a short-term blog devoted to Top Model or American Idol. If you know how to write snark without being vulgar or abusive, I’d like to talk with you.

Sports blogs: Not just the typical football, basketball and baseball — we want to cover the sports that don’t normally get noticed. Teach me about volleyball, soccer, flag football and intramurals.

Educators: We’d love to see a blog from a Tech TA or a first-year teacher at LISD.

Science blogs: Got an obsession with chemistry, physics or pop science? Want to be the next Carl Sagan? We need a blogger who can share the latest discoveries and translate them into a form that ordinary people can understand.

Guidelines: Lubbock Online is not responsible for the content of its volunteer blogs, but we do maintain a minimum set of editorial standards. That means no vulgarity or profanity and no adult themes beyond the content of a documentary or PG movie. We will not edit your content, but we reserve the right to remove posts and comments if they violate our standards.

Multimedia: Our blog platform can handle audio, photos and video. We encourage bloggers to spice things up with pics and video and I’m open to the idea of a podcast if you can think of a good one.

What you get: An audience! The Lubbock Online blogs are a critical part of our site. Relevant blogs get promotion on our section fronts and prominent placement on our front page. This is great exposure for artists and writers and it looks great on a resume.

What you don’t get: Paid. Lubbock Online bloggers are volunteers. Sorry.

How to apply: Write up a sample post and a short description of your blog concept. Send it by email to michael.duff@lubbockonline.com. Please include your full name, accurate return email, and a contact number. Please help me keep organized by putting your name in the subject line. Something clever like: “John Doe Blog Application” would help. Email submissions only, please.

Got a great blog concept that’s not covered in the list above? Send me an email and talk me into it. Multimedia helps, and good writing can redeem anything.

Annoyed that I missed something obvious? Burning to share something that you’ve always wanted to see us blog about? Please comment on this post.

P.S. We all know that good bloggers need to be a little crazy, but if you push it too far I’ll have to throw you back. You have been warned.

Written by Michael B. Duff

July 15, 2008 at 17:26

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  1. Great idea. Best of luck. Something West Texas needs very badly!

    George Gant

    July 16, 2008 at 11:36

  2. I am a very popular blogger on Myspace. but I am not some hard core republican..this town is narrow minded


    July 16, 2008 at 13:36

  3. On the contrary, your current political bloggers are kinda boring. On the right in particular you have the political equivalent of the Flat Earth Society, and there’s only so much cowardice one can take before it ceases to entertain and becomes pathetic. Mr Conservative is far beyond that boundary.

    One of the things I appreciate about your political rants, Michael, is that you are not a coward: you’re willing to acknowledge facts that contradict your position and admit the imperfections of your analysis while still arguing passionately that it is the best way of looking at things, instead of monotonically insisting on the party line and plowing dully through any thickets of reality that happen to stand in your way.

    One of the striking things about American political discourse is how blandly partisan it is. In other countries you tend to see two levels of discourse: party hacks, and everyone else. And even party hacks, when they return to private life, often turn out to be quite nuanced and clever in their views, and express how happy they are to no longer have to toe the party line. Find some bloggers like that, and you’ll be doing a service to America by helping to bring political discourse in from the partisan cold.


    July 17, 2008 at 10:17

  4. Dear Tom:

    Move to Lubbock and we’ll talk…



    July 17, 2008 at 15:16

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