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NBC/Fox to release your favorite programs on Hulu

Machinist says what we're all thinking. Hulu is a joke. When NBC started playing hardball with iTunes, we thought they were nuts. Your business model is dead, old dudes. The future is Apple, Google, and YouTube.

NBC had the content, but their distribution model sucked. But what if they fixed the distribution model?

What if they found a way to make money off the greatest TV shows of today and yesterday, without pissing off the “information is free” generation?

Well now they have. It's about 10 years overdue, but the big networks have finally thrown their hats in the ring.

Want to blog about last night's episode of Family Guy? What if you could embed the episode, the entire episode, streaming, high quality, in your blog?

Now you can.

So what if you don't like modern TV? What if you want to watch vintage Hong Kong Phooey, from 1974?

Now you can.

What if you want to check out Battlestar Galactica, without springing for a DVD?

Now you can.

Overcome with a sudden urge to date Scott Baio?

Seek help.

Hulu's not live yet, but you can get a preview of the best stuff on AOL.

This is a knockout punch from the old networks, wisely leveraging the power of their content. They're capitalizing on YouTube's dirty little secret. For all our talk of user contributed content and new media paradigms, YouTube was ultimately built on copyright violations, built by people posting the best bits of their favorite shows and sharing them with friends.

Now the networks have taken control of that audience. They're offering their best stuff for free, in high quality, and they finally got the technology right.

I don't mind watching ads if the player works. I think this is going to be a huge win for users, networks and advertisers. Imagine how much faster we could have had it, if the networks had spent more time innovating and less time suing people.

Written by Michael B. Duff

October 29, 2007 at 14:41

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